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I'd like to invite any/all of you to visit and join ncisland. It is an interactive gaming community (NOT an RPG) where four teams compete (Abby, Gibbs, Tony, Ziva) in 4 rounds a year to win! We play games, luck games, do graphic challenges, writing challenges, trivia, episode talk, and so much more! You don't have participate in all challenges and even voting in entries is considered participation! It is based on BOTH NCIS shows. Come join us!
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I finally posted this fic, thanks to periwinkle27 (but, it had been finished for months, but I forget it. and, finally rehave a look at it while making a few order on my computer ^^)

Title : Decisions
Summary : Two lonely persons, a day which can change their lifes
Rating : K
Pairing : Tony DiNozzo/Jenny Sheppard
Spoilers : None. (I would have hope there is, but..;^^)

It's my first fanfiction in english (not my last, i hope so^^) so I would like to know what you think about it...

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Need Help !


I just arrive here, and, just to say, first, Merry Christmas , a bit later, surely, but, it remember me something (sic), a proverb, it's better later, than never (my traduction of the french in approximative, but....quite the same sens!)

So, second point, I'm a fanfiction writer, I use to write it in French, but, I search someone who can help me traducing some...I wrote one about Christmas, with the ship you know (and love, if you read that^^) , if anyone find interest in it ....

I don't know how to do (I'm new in Live Journal too) , but, I can share the links of the french site where I publish my fics....just ask...

from : Di, a young di..sperate French Newbie !